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Think Radio can make you PSYCHIC!
Well - almost.


Because it is possible to put any question to your audience and have them select an answer - giving accurate results in seconds.

And - if some of your guests leave with the top spec version* of the device - then you can continue to put questions to them long after the event (Think Radio suggests the top spec devices may be distributed through an upsell at your event, or as prizes or randomly assigned to lucky guests - or any combination of those).

Voting systems aren't new (in fact audience response systems have been around for quite a few years). Mostly they're used in educational settings, or as part of pilots or focus groups.

What IS new is putting them into larger scale (or even very, very large) live events OF ALL SORTS. For example, the public entertainment sector - including live and recorded music, theatre, shows, dance - in fact throughout the performing arts.

Combined with creative lighting and special effects - it isn't just an audience response system any more - it's a fully-engaged interactive environment. 


What sorts of events?

Well anywhere that people gather. Not just music and festivals, but theatre, West End & Broadway shows, pantomime, meetings and rallies of all kinds - especially if you want to gather some opinions and feedback from your audience.

How many voters can the system handle?

An unlimited number. Yes - unlimited.

Any limitations are not about the number of voters, but about the rate that votes can be received and counted. However that limit is very, very high.

For guidance, the POSITIONAL ULTRA-RANGE system can count 250,000 votes in the recommended 20 second voting interval. Think Radio's smaller systems can easily accommodate in excess of 15,000 votes in the same interval. Longer voting intervals equals more votes - there is no practical limit to the numbers of votes or voters.