At the heart of Think Radio's system is the ability for each personal device to determine its location. This is done purely from the radio signals originating from the base stations, and forms the core of Think Radio's technology patent.

The system is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, to and from an unlimited numbers of mobile devices. Of particular importance, and unlike other location technologies, it is particularly robust in cluttered and obstructed environments.

As a consequence of devices knowing their location, it is possible to address any subset of devices and control their behaviour. This is the basis of interaction - an unlimited number of devices can cast votes - and those votes collected through the base stations in an efficient way.

No other audience response system can handle such large numbers of devices.

Additionally, the radio system is compatible with Bluetooth, making it possible for the device to act as a smartwatch and pair with smart phones.

Finally, there are a few other capabilities worth a mention in Think Radio's system:

1. Each device may contain an accelerometer, creating the potential to develop all sorts of movement/motion-sensitive games.

2. Each device may detect and communicate with other similar devices nearby, even when no other type of radio connection is available.

3. Each device has support for a rechargeable battery, wireless battery charging, buttons for user interaction, and an ultra-low power LCD or ePaper display screen.

The near-neighbour radio communications, screen and buttons, along with the RGB and white LED's enable information sharing, entertainment and interaction with other users, indepedently of any other infrastructure.