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This is where the unique power of Think Radio's system comes into its own.

Red or Green? Or how your device can live on beyond your event.

Think of it as a *subsidised* smart watch. In return for the subsidy, and to continue using the device, users may be periodically asked to give an opinion. So, for instance, before seeing their latest incoming text message - they might be asked a single question.

Which do you prefer, the red trainer or the green trainer? It's a marketing super-power, being able to gain *instant* feedback from your chosen customers, over an extended period of time.

No waiting around for a focus group event. No new event associated costs. Your customers are *already* fully set up to give you their feedback *right now*. And you are in control of which is the most appropriate subset of your users that you might wish to poll.


Activating the Think Radio smartwatch requires downloading the Think Radio app to the user's smartphone, and pairing them. Subsequently they must remain paired for all the smartwatch functions to remain available (if the Think Radio smartwatch loses contact with the smartphone then only basic timekeeping is available).

It is the Think Radio app on the smartphone that passes notifications of emails/texts/missed-calls etc to the Think radio smartwatch.

But ***in return for the subsidised price of the device*** - users may be periodically presented with questions of your choosing, which suspend full operation of the device until the next question is answered.