The following pricing illustrations are for GUIDANCE ONLY.

For early adopters, Think Radio is starting initial UK trials with a RENT on a COST-ONLY basis, including full on-site support throughout your event.

Please enquire - you may be surprised by how reasonable pricing is at this stage!!!

Think Radio will then offer further limited trials of its technology to customers within the UK - with a RENT or BUY model.


The first factor to consider in making your choice is - how many devices are required - and is your event seated or unseated?

For unseated events - where your guests may move about - the POSITIONAL ULTRA-RANGE system is the correct solution.

No matter where your guests choose to be, or even if they frequently move about your venue, the Think Radio system will control location-specific lighting.

This offers a 300 metre range, sufficient for the largest outdoor events.

For smaller, seated events (or smaller unseated events where positional lighting is not required), either the STANDARD-RANGE or EXTENDED-RANGE system is recommended.

STANDARD-RANGE up to 15 metres.
EXTENDED-RANGE up to 150 metres.

Normally these base stations are supplied on a free-of-charge basis with rentals or sales.


Customers that choose to RENT devices will pay £5 per device for an up 2 weeks rental (customers are responsible for any lost or damaged devices, at the BUY prices quoted below).

Customers that choose to BUY have a number of options regarding features.

These features can be mixed-and-matched, and the following are only examples of possible combinations.

STANDARD-RANGE devices, with single-use batteries, no LCD or e-paper screen, £15
STANDARD-PLUS-RANGE devices, with single-use batteries, LCD or e-paper screen, £20
MID-RANGE devices, with remote battery charging (battery must be removed from device), LCD or e-paper screen. £25
MID-RANGE-PLUS devices, with USB battery charging (any USB charger), LCD or e-paper screen. £30
TOP-RANGE devices, with wireless charging (any standard Qi charger), LCD or e-paper screen. £35

All devices have buttons for the audience-participation / voting system.

SMARTWATCH-RANGE devices, with LCD or e-paper screen, wireless charging, and compatibility with Android or iPhone. £50

(the SMARTWATCH-RANGE is intended as a gift to your guests at premium events, or as an up-sell where your guests trade in their loaned device for this one)


(note that single devices, without support, may be purchased for evaluation purposes)

The Think Radio system requires, in addition to the personal devices, 1 or 2 base stations to drive the system.

Normally these base stations are supplied on a free-of-charge basis with rentals or sales.

Minimum 250 devices for non-positional STANDARD-RANGE system base station (only 1 required).
Minimum 1000 devices for non-positional EXTENDED-RANGE system base station (only 1 required).
Minimum 5000 devices for POSITIONAL ULTRA-RANGE system base station (a left and right pair of base stations will be supplied)

(all prices are ex-VAT)


Customers of the BUY model will receive up to 2 years of free software upgrades on devices, and free software and hardware upgrades on base stations, on a return-to-supplier basis.

Customers of the RENT model will always be supplied with the latest software and hardware upgrades.