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Say they were giving away* wristwatches?
In fact smart wristwatches with Bluetooth?
Well, not really giving them away, but...

What happens to the device at the end of the event?

2 flavours - a simpler version of the device intended for re-use at future events - or a fancier version with an LCD screen, and a wirelessly rechargeable battery.

The device has a future life as a smart watch (or even just as a wristwatch) that connects to any modern smartphone to provide email/text/missed-call alerts (or it can just tell the time!).

One distribution model is "Lucky dip" at live events - your device is boxed, and you might get a smart watch and you might not. This lowers the costs, but still creates the pool of fortunate users (***and*** you do the upsell to those that aren't so lucky).

Alternatively, the more sophisticated version is presented purely as an "up-sell" at events where the attendee can trade-up their basic device, at modest cost.

Or even, for appropriate events, the premium device may be a branded souvenir included as part of the event.

(*however- also read the next section about post-event engagement)


Most modern smartphones are able to pair with Bluetooth devices, and this is made incredibly easy via a Think Radio app for Android and iPhone. All the user has to do is download and launch the app - and then hold their phone close to the Think Radio smartwatch. NFC communications does the rest. Their smartwatch is then automatically paired and set up with a standard configuration.

Think Radio's technology is also outstandingly power efficient. Unlike other smartwatches that often require daily charging - expect the Think Radio smartwatch to last weeks or months before it needs to be placed on the wireless charger.